Car perfume pen aluminum shell

Personalized customization:

1: Custom aluminum profiles can be customized according to customer requirements.
2: The length can be adjusted arbitrarily.
3: Different effects such as sanding, oxidation coloring and wire drawing are optional.
4: The mold production can be redesigned according to the customer's requirements.

Aluminum alloy CNC machining process is generally CNC machining center (2-axis 4-axis 5-axis) engraving machine for aluminum (6061/6063) many products will require the following surface processing, such as sandblasting anodizing / powder coating / electrophoresis process, etc.Car perfume pen aluminum shell

Process interpretation:

1. Housing opening: can be opened in the housing and the baffle or rivets according to customer requirements.
2. Length change: The width and height of the casing are unchangeable and the length can be changed arbitrarily.
3. Surface treatment: Do the decoration on the surface of the shell, do sanding, oxidative coloring, drawing and other effects.
4. Design mold opening: We will process and manufacture according to customer's requirements. When the customer's request is not made by our existing mold, we need to redesign the mold.