Learn more about aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Learn more about aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Nov 16 2020

Doors and windows are related to the functional requirements of lighting, ventilation, airtightness, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, and also related to the requirements of building decoration such as wireframes and colors. It also means the host's aesthetics and search. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are outstanding among many door and window materials due to their ease of decoration and are widely used in modern furniture.

the first. Four advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. Small size and high compressive strength: aluminum alloy profiles are mostly made of hollow and thick-walled cross-sections, which are small in size and have a relative density of only one third of that of stainless steel plates. The cross-sections have high tensile strength. The finished doors and windows are durable and not easily deformed.

2. Airtightness: Good airtightness affects the operation efficiency of doors and windows and the consumption of electric energy at any time. General airtightness refers to the four aspects of airtightness, tightness, fire resistance and noise reduction and sound insulation.

3. The shape design is beautiful and generous: the surface of the aluminum alloy profile can present a variety of colors after processing, and it can be used at will, and it will shine smoothly after air oxidation. The structure of the windows can be made larger, with a large total area covered by laminated glass, so that the light source in the room is abundant, and the furniture of the home is more textured.

4. Good performance: long service life, strong corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the air oxide layer is not easy to fade, fall off, do not need to be painted, easy to maintain, and the automatic control system of doors and windows has a long service life.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows

second. Choose performance and materials when choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. Look at the raw materials: There are two tips to check whether the raw materials can meet the national industry standards. First touch the frame, control panel, and corners of the door with your hands. They should be gentle and meticulous without scratching, and then stand on the side of the door to see if the paint on the surface of the home has bumps and wavy patterns.

2. Look at the spare parts: Laminated glass configured with the processing technology needs to have the domestic 3C certification, and the hardware is the primary condition that affects the performance of the doors and windows, so pay attention to the coordination ability when choosing. Then it depends on whether the patchwork, glue application and mechanical processing of doors and windows are good.

3. Look at the adhesive strips for doors and windows: a test can identify the quality of the adhesive strips. Use a lighter to ignite the adhesive strips and then extinguish them. Pinch the ignited part with your hands. It is a glue strip that does not pass.

4. Look at the installation and after-sales service: Master the installation status of the product and the quality of after-sales maintenance services, so that you can ensure that you can buy the right aluminum alloy doors and windows without worries.

third. Tips for maintenance of aluminum alloy doors and windows

When sliding doors, doors and windows, move lightly. Dust accumulation and deformation are the key reason for the difficulty of aluminum alloy profile sliding doors. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the door frame and sliding door slot clean as much as possible. You can use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the tank and door seal siliconized tops. You can also use a thin cloth dipped in cold water or a neutral detergent to scrub. Don't use soap or soap powder. After raining, wipe the wet laminated glass and the frames of doors and windows at any time, especially the water in the channel. The sliding friction of the guide groove will increase after a long time, and a small amount of car oil can be added, or the surface can be coated with a low-temperature candle.